About Craft Cookbook

Craft Cookbook is a growing collection of task-oriented recipes, designed to get you to a working solution, fast.

The recipes are easy to search, and easy to bookmark, so you can quickly find the solution you need, and get back to Crafting your website.

Why is this needed?

The official Google+ group is packed with useful information, but it’s difficult to find, and painful to bookmark.

The official documentation is great, but is more about high-level concepts than quick solutions.

Craft Cookbook is the place you come when you really, really need a solution to your problem right now.

Once you’re done getting things done, we encourage you to read the documentation, and participate in the Google+ group. They’re both well worth your time.

Who made this?

Craft Cookbook was built by Experience. We did the design and build, but the recipes themselves (the important bit) are courtesy of the Craft community. Thank you.

Pixel & Tonic, the makers of Craft, are in no way responsible for this site, or the content it contains. They have been very generous in their encouragement though, which is much appreciated.